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Dear Friend, 

If you’ve received previous Bette’s Box of Blessings then you are well aware of the types of items I pick for each Box…positive, uplifting items all based on a theme Bible verse for that particular Box. In every case the items are meant to be a blessing either to you or to someone you care about. 

I think you’ll find this month’s Box to be a little different, but yet tremendously impactful and important. It still contains items that will bless you or allow you to bless others, however, here’s the neat twist: by purchasing this Box you are already blessing two ministries that are changing lives around the world!

My hope and prayer is that this month’s Box of Blessings will encourage you and challenge you to do something that God has placed on your heart…something audacious! It might be something big and world-changing (like what you’ll see in this month’s Box), or something as simple as befriending a hard-to-love neighbor and sharing the love of Christ with them.

So with that said, the theme verse for this month’s Box comes from Matthew 25:40, where Jesus says, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”  Keeping that in mind, here’s what’s in this month’s audacious Box of Blessings

I have a friend named Diana Scimone.  She is a former journalist who has traveled to more than 40 countries including China, Sudan and Zimbabwe, writing about justice and human rights.  We met for lunch several years ago and she told me about her big idea.  What completely amazed me is that after taking a picture on the horrible day when she discovered child trafficking in Mumbai, India, she decided she needed to do something.  So she founded an international non-profit organization called Born 2 Fly. What makes you angry and makes you say, "Someone needs to do something about that"? Is it child trafficking?  Abuse?  Violence against women?  Poverty?  Racism?  Illiteracy? Diana wrote the book Audacious to help you discover the gifts God has given you to make a difference to change the world.  Sounds too big, doesn't it?  Sounds downright audacious! I was particularly moved when I got to Chapter 6, Uncovering the Plan God has Already put in You. Here’s how the chapter begins…

Gary Haugen, founder of International Justice Mission, has rescued a lot of enslaved people all over the world and he said he's never yet heard one of them ask, "Where was God?" Instead, they ask, "Where were God's people?" Even enslaved people themselves know that God works in partnership with God's people. 

I was stunned!

Before you decide that living audaciously sounds rather impossible let me assure you, you have already made a difference in the world by purchasing this month's Bette's Box.  A portion of all Diana's book sales helps support the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking.

This month's Box also features another audacious group, EsperanzArt. The beautiful bracelet is made with organic beads from local Ecuadorian seeds including acai berries and tagua nuts.  100% of EsperanzArt's proceeds go towards giving hope to women escaping from sex-trafficking or desperate situations.  Your statement jewelry is not only a great conversation starter, but it also helps women heal. What an amazing thought. 

I felt the Michael Farren CD, Fighting for Us, had a most appropriate song titled, Where is God?

He's in the whispered words of comfort

To a heart that's crushed with grief

He's in the feet that race to danger

Where no one else would want to be

He's in the hands that reach to rescue

The forgotten and the least

Show me anywhere that love's poured out

And I'll show you there is God

Ellen Elliott, the author of Lists to Live By – Reflections of Grace, Gratitude, and God, is my kind of girl. Right up front she says, “I love making lists!” (So do I!) Her journal has 75 suggested lists to make, and each suggestion starts with a Bible verse and ends with either “Bringing the List to Life” or a prayer. What I love about this journal is that you can go back and add to any of your lists and reflect on how God is ever-present in your life.

List #54 says, “List people who could use an encouraging word this week.” Start that list today and send the first person on your list one of the Christian Encouragement Cards from the enclosed pack. Then tomorrow send a card to the next person on your list…and the next day the next person…don’t stop until you’ve sent all your encouragement cards!

As I said earlier, I hope this Box of Blessings challenges you to do something audacious. Maybe it starts with sending an encouragement card. Whatever God has placed on your heart, He will use you to do something audacious when you step out in faith! 

Oh, and by the way, the retail value of this month’s Box? $87.37!!

May God continue to stir your heart,