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Peace! Be Still!

Dear Friend,           


I was in the grocery store the other day and watched as a harried young mom turned to her young children and said, “Stop fighting! Just be still!” I had to smile to myself as I thought back to when I was raising three young sons and said almost exactly the same thing on many occasions.

Did you know Jesus said almost exactly the same thing?

“And He awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” 

And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” (Mark 4:39)

We’ll discuss the whole story in a minute…but Jesus’ words are so impactful that I chose Peace! Be still! as the theme of this month’s Box of Blessings. You are going to love how everything fits together in this month’s Box! So, let’s jump in…

In Trilla J. Newbell’s book, Fear and Faith – Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves, Trilla describes so well the moment Jesus spoke our theme words, that I’m just going to quote her:

“I’m often reminded of Jesus in the boat with His disciples. It’s a familiar story, found in Mark 4:35-41.  The disciples climb in a boat and take off on the Sea of Galilee.  The Sea of Galilee was known for sudden and violent storms.  So, when the storm approached, it brought crashing waves strong enough to wash over into the boat.  The disciples were terrified. Jesus, on the other hand, was asleep. He wasn’t worried about the raging seas. His disciples, however, woke Him in a frenzy saying, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”  Jesus decided to remind them who He was and why they could trust Him.  With a word He stopped the storm, “’Peace! Be still!’” and they were filled with great fear but no longer the misappropriated fear of the storm.  They were now filled with an awestruck wonder of Jesus – the God-man – and the disciples proclaimed, “’ Who then is this, that even the wind and sea obey him?”  They now feared rightly.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to also include Hope Darst’s new CD titled (you guessed it!) Peace Be Still. Here are the lyrics from this powerful worship song that’s a favorite of mine.

I don’t wanna be afraid

Every time I face the waves

I don’t wanna be afraid

I don’t wanna fear the storm

Just because I hear it roar

I don’t want to fear the storm

Peace be still Say the word and I will

Set my feet upon the sea

‘Til I’m dancing in the deep

Peace be still

You are here so it is well

Even when my eyes can’t see

I will trust the voice that speaks

Let faith rise up

Oh, heart believe

Let faith rise up in me

I even had my dear friend at MaMa Thoughts make cling stickers with these last three lines to stick on glass to remind you of where you can find perfect peace, in Jesus alone.  

Do you know someone who needs to be reminded of that perfect peace? I’ve included a beautiful assortment of Christian greeting cards that make it easy to share your faith.

Do you know someone who might be feeling like life is kinda crazy right now?  The gift book, Untroubled - Devotions and Prayers for Finding Calm in a Chaotic World would certainly bless them.  A delightful devotional featuring 120 devotional readings plus inspiring prayers and scripture selections that will fill the soul with the peace and comfort that only God can provide.

The 30-Day Prayer Challenge Journal for Women is a great way to jump-start your prayer life.  This devotional journal, written for women of all ages, provides a month’s worth of specific, daily prayer challenges that will draw you closer to your Father God through meaningful conversation.

Are there times in your life when you sense God saying to you, His child, “Peace! Be still!”? Take a moment to read a couple of the devotionals in Untroubled; or start your 30 Day Prayer Challenge Journal; or listen to the enclosed CD. Just by being still you can experience His peace.

Praying that this Box of Blessings will grow your faith,


P.S. As you continue to grow in your faith and share your faith, know that this month’s Box of Blessings has a retail value of $90.33! May you be still and experience His peace.